Sunday services are at 9:45 at the University Gathering and 12:30 p.m. at the Salisbury Gathering, unless otherwise noted. Nursery care is available.

October 6, 2019
University Gathering
Salisbury Gathering

“A Service for the Blessing of the Animals”
Rev. Mary Frances Comer
Join us this Sunday as we gather to celebrate our fellow creatures on this annual Blessing of the Animals Day. All well-behaved and social members of “the interconnected web of all existence” are welcome. If your animal friend would be more comfortable at home, feel free to bring a photo of your furry, feathery, or scaley friend to be blessed or remembered.

October 13, 2019
University Gathering
Salisbury Gathering

“Stepping Into the Center – The Gift of Belonging”
Rev. Mary Frances Comer
The poet, e.e. cummings, wrote: “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
Today we honor National Coming Out Day (held on October 11th). We are a welcoming congregation, and we invite you to bring all of who you are to be a part of this community!

October 20, 2019

University Gathering
Salisbury Gathering

“The Music In You – Listening to the Song of our Souls”
Rev. Mary Frances Comer
Our theme for October is Belonging. Today we consider the power of belonging on your own terms by being true to who you are in terms of your desires, your goals, your beliefs, and your dreams.

October 27, 2019

University Gathering

“We Are Made up of Stories”
Holly Brown, Ministerial Intern
Today as we finish up our monthly theme on belonging, we consider how stories create a point of connection, of belonging. Stories connect us to our past, help shape our present, and inspire our future. As individuals, as families, as communities of faith, we use stories to describe who we are and what believe. Stories can be shared in many different ways through art, writing, music, and spoken word.

Salisbury Gathering
Guest Speaker

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