Sunday services are at 9:45 at the University Gathering and 12:30 p.m. at the Salisbury Gathering, unless otherwise noted. Nursery care is available.

August 4 2019
University Gathering
Salisbury Gathering

“The experience of Hajj (Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca)”
Rose Hamid, guest speaker
This is the time of year of Hajj. Hajj is an Islamic tradition honoring the faithfulness of Abraham and his family. Long before the Islamic tradition began 1367 years ago, pilgrims have been going to Mecca since the time of Abraham, 4000 years ago.

August 11, 2019
University Gathering
Salisbury Gathering

“Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue”
Rabbi Andrew Ettin
Commitments to justice and righteousness stand at the center of Jewish ethical teachings, as this verse from Deuteronomy attests. We learn, however, not only from precepts and parables but from experience, from negative examples as much as positive ones. Rabbi Ettin will explore some personal examples and encounters shaping his perspective on Jewish teachings about justice.

August 18, 2019

University Gathering

“Courage to Love (Combined Service for both Gatherings)”
Rev. Kathy Beasley
“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” – Anais Nin
Having the courage to love is the destination of a journey filled with twists, turns, ups and downs enough to distract us from our Soul’s purpose– to know and live a more connected existence. Join us as we explore together the individual and communal narratives of love, loving and being the presence of love in a time such as this.
Today will be a combined service in Charlotte followed by a caravan to Charlotte PRIDE for our presence in the parade.

August 25, 2019

University Gathering
Salisbury Gathering

“A Common Thread”
Rev. Mary Frances Comer
Karen Armstrong notes: Religion isn’t about believing things. It’s ethical alchemy. It’s about behaving in a way that changes you, that gives you intimations of holiness and sacredness. Today we consider how religion can be used as a tool of oppression or as a path to justice and peace as we consider the common thread that runs through the world’s religious traditions.

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