Wish List

Wish List

Ways to Support Our Beloved Community

University Gathering:

  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Resurface ramp to Meeting House
  • Updating and re-doing the back (kitchen area) entrance to the Meeting House with a more user-friendly entrance and more of a landing or deck area.
  • Tablecloths for our large round tables
  • Replace orange traffic cones at driveway entrances
  • Replace outdoor Zen garden rake
  • Pick your specific landscape item – “adopt a specific space/area,” general weeding, pruning, leaf blowing, etc.

Salisbury Gathering:

  • New table cover for the candle table
  • Spiffing up the grounds
  • Piano Tuning

For those who are not able to participate physically, we would gladly accept a donation of any amount.
Contact our administrator, Deb Davelka, at deb@puuc.org if you have questions or would like to provide one of these wish list items for Piedmont.