Why Pledge?

Why Pledge?

Why Pledge?

  • Because a promise of steady funding allows us to plan and make dreams come true.
  • Because Piedmont UU Church welcomes our children of all ages and helps us tend to their spiritual growth.
  • Because our community offers a place to sing, rejoice, share sorrows, be still, discuss, learn, come as we are, and work for a better world.
  • Because our community helps sustain us when we feel lonely, can’t find a job, need support, or lose a loved one in our lives.
  • Giving deepens our commitment to each other and strengthens us as individuals.
  • Pledging is a requirement of membership to Piedmont UU Church per our bylaws; however, no one is denied membership due to financial hardship. Contact our minister for a confidential waiver.

What is a pledge?
A pledge is an annual financial commitment to our church. Your pledges sustain every aspect of our ministry.
Pledges by Members and Friends enable Piedmont UU Church to plan for the year and adopt a balanced budget. Payment of these pledges during the year provides the major ongoing source of income to pay staff and provide for programs.
Our community thrives because members and friends like you commit time, talent, and financial support.

How much should I pledge?
Offer an amount that you will feel good about giving that you can and want to give.
Find a quiet time and space, consider your budget, reflect on how Piedmont UU Church has helped you grow, then let the decision on what to pledge emerge.
You will find an amount that is right for you and for Piedmont UU Church, and all of us will be grateful.
Our church community touches our lives in so many ways–from religious education, services and music, social and spiritual gatherings to outreach programs, social justice and a caring network. All of this has been made possible by gifts that helped purchase our land, build our sanctuary, pay our staff, and serve as a beacon of liberal religion in the surrounding communities of Charlotte and Salisbury.

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1. Pledge

A pledge is a promise of what you will give for the year. Choose how you would like to sustain Piedmont UU Church’s growth. Every gift counts. Thank you!

2. Give

Piedmont UU Church has several ways that you can give your contributions for your pledge: online, text, recurring/auto-draft, check, cash. Choose the date when your recurring gifts would start.

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