What Does Love Look Like?

What Does Love Look Like?

Thank You To Our Care Team
What Does Love Look Like?

Dear All,

What a wonderful and caring beloved community we are a part of!

On February 23rd at the University Gathering, we had a moving memorial service as we celebrated the life of our dear Reny Haas with Judy and Michael and their family. I offer my deepest gratitude to every person involved in that service—from Kaarin and Becky with the soul stirring music to Rich recording to the many, many people behind the scenes looking after countless aspects of hospitality that, if done well, often go unnoticed or are taken for granted.

Our Care Team and some of our Pastoral Associates and others organized set up, helped with the reception and even with cleanup and then with setting up for Sunday morning. One of our Care Team members expressed: “It was a beautiful service and reception made possible by many people.”  In fact, well over a dozen individuals served in various capacities that day. I dare not attempt to list all the names–as there are often more than we realize, and the people who come to minister during times of loss aren’t seeking recognition; they are living into the mission of our community to radiate love one to another. 

I want to thank our Care Team for their organizing and also the many folks who are simply members and friends who care deeply and show up to offer a ministry of compassion and service to others during a season of grief.  

A week later was another such example as our Care Team and others organized a loving response for Elaine Slaton and her family in the loss of her father, Richard Slaton. My heart was filled with gratitude and love seeing so many of our members at Mr. Slaton’s service moving about at his residence welcoming folks and tending to various details. Thank you, Care Team, Pastoral Associates, friends, and members who were there to support the “Elaines” (Slaton and Deck) on this particular aspect of their journey. 

So, back to the title of this message: What does love look like? 

It looks like you, dear ones.
It looks like two bags of ice and 4 bags of chips.
It looks like moving chairs around and bringing flowers from your own garden.
It looks like making tiny sandwiches and graciously serving those to people you’ve never met and may never see again.
It looks like decorating the back counter for the ice cream toppings or scooping that ice cream.
It looks like helping with parking or making sure there are tissues for the bereaved.
It looks like singing and playing music.
It looks like cake and cookies or fruit and dip.
And sometimes, love looks and smells like fresh brewed coffee. 

But always, always, LOVE looks like grace and kindness given hands and feet to do the holiest work of all in this world–the work of empathy, compassion, and caring.

So, thank you, Care Team. And thanks to you FROM the Care Team.

May you be blessed, and may you be a blessing to others. 

~Rev. Mary Frances