Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter

June 2021

Dear Members, Visitors, and Friends:


Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Our Generosity Campaign Theme for 2021 is Finding Our True North. We’ve often referred to our ministry metaphorically as a boat. Last year, our theme was “Raise the Sails in 2020!,” and what better way to get where we need to go than on a boat with sails raised for the journey ahead AND with a compass to guide our way?

How do we fund our ministry?

Our yearly budget is funded by far through your generosity in the form of annual pledges and donations. Prior the the year of pandemic, our popular annual yard sales and our auction provided significant funds (along with a great deal of fun and fellowship!). Facility rentals also provided a significant funds as well. The SARS COVID-19 virus led to a shut down of our buildings but not of our ministry or fundraising endeavors. Due to the creative efforts of dedicated members, we moved forward with a new project during the pandemic– a Facebook Marketplace (search for Piedmont Unitarian Universalist Marketplace on Facebook to post or shop!) and a new sort of auction (fully online) which usually takes place in November. We are very grateful for these creative alternatives during a time when large gatherings is not a safe option.

During a year without our “extra” sources of income, your generous financial support sustains every aspect of our ministry. If you are new to pledging and would like a frame of reference, the giving guide may be a helpful starting point.

If you are already pledging, thank you so much for your commitment! Because of you, we continue to serve as a beacon to the surrounding communities as we live into our mission of Nurturing the Spirit, Cherishing Diversity, Cultivating Justice, and Radiating Love.

Want to visit?

Please visit (online) to experience enriching Sunday services, preaching, teaching, caring, workshops, meditation groups, Ethical Explorations (Adult Lifespan Education), Chalice Circles (small group ministry), social action, and our amazing music ministry led by Director of Music, Kaarin Record-Leach.

Please note: For your safety, church activities are currently offered virtually via Zoom platform until further notice. Small groups will begin meeting this summer.

Practicing What We Preach

Each month, we minister beyond our walls as we share the offering plate (this means non-designated offering-plate funds, not pledges) with community organizations whose like-minded values and social action make a difference in the world. This year, we are sharing with the following organizations:

  • Crisis Assistance Ministry
  • The Poor Peoples Campaign
  • GreenFaith
  • Rowan Helping Ministries
  • BLUU (Black Lives UU)
  • The Bail Project
  • Terry Hess House
  • Supportive Housing Communities
  • LGBTQIA+ Ministries
  • The Urban Ministry Center

Finding Our True North in 2021!

A healthy budget helps us enhance programming as well as provide for our staff and facilities; thus, we ask that you thoughtfully or prayerfully consider a generous pledge amount. Financial hardship or lack of income prohibit some people from being able to pledge, but this is not a hurdle to membership. We welcome you wholeheartedly and recognize that stewardship comes in many forms– the giving of time, sharing of talent, service, and your physical presence!

For those who have more than enough, if you appreciate what’s happening in this beloved community, please take a moment to consider increasing your annual gift or making a special one-time gift to shore up our finances.

Envision a bright future and a joyous journey…

Consider the possibilities for you and for our church community as we journey together this year.  Let us  look forward to the amazing things we’ll accomplish together in the years ahead.

It takes a village, or in our case, a crew! Are you on board?

Let’s Raise the Sails and Find Our True North together as we continue to nurture spirits, cherish diversity, cultivate justice, and, of course, radiate love! If you have questions about any aspect of our ministry, contact us at info@puuc.org.

Thank you for taking time to visit our website, and thank you for your generosity!

Interested in becoming a member of PUUC? ontact membership@puuc.org.

Blessed be.