UU GA 2024

A message from our delegates to UU GA 2024

General Assembly for Unitarian Universalists is held annually with clergy and laity delegates from around the globe. This took place virtually June 20-23, 2024. Beth F, Elaine D, and Cosette B served Piedmont UU as voting delegates. The church very much appreciates their time and dedication.
Along with the business of the UUA, the conference offers cohorts (special interest groups), workshops, vendors, worship services, and the annual Ware Lecture. Our delegates availed themselves of many of these events. It was a wonderful chance to connect with the world-wide organization (UUA), connect with people from other churches, and even to connect with some past members who have moved to different areas of the country.
There were some momentous business items this year requiring a vote, with the following being a highlight of the most important: election of Board of Trustees officers, a rules of procedure amendment, amendments to the proposed Article II and a final vote on the adoption of Article II.
Perhaps the most anticipated vote was on the revision of the UUA bylaws, which are required to be reviewed and evaluated at least every fifteen years. It has taken 3 years of countless volunteer hours, hours of discussion, rewrites, and amendments to bring the Article II vote to finality. After much delegate discussion over a 2 day period Article II was adopted by a vote of 80.2% in favor, 19.8% opposed. Article II affects only UUA bylaws. Individual church bylaws are not affected unless individual churches choose otherwise. The 7 principles (8 principles, if a church has adopted anti-racism as a principle) will not change. We will be using a new set of values including Interdependence, Equity, Transformation, Pluralism, Generosity, and Justice, with Love at the center. You may view the full language on the UUA website.
Our delegates are happy to share fuller information about GA, so please reach out to them with any questions.