Update from the Ministerial Search Committee

Update from the Ministerial Search Committee

Meredith Norman, Ministerial Search Committee Member

In September, the Ministerial Search Committee (MSC) created and electronically distributed a survey that was completed by 89 people. At the town hall meeting on Sunday, September 24, 2017 the MSC shared survey highlights with the congregation. These result highlights can be found by clicking this link goo.gl/3rV87p.  In the past month, the MSC also conducted several focus groups to gain a better understanding of what achievements are important to the congregation, what ministerial qualities will help us achieve these goals, and what strengths we have as a congregation to make these goals a reality.  We had 28 people take part in a focus group.  The MSC would like to express our gratitude to those who participated in the survey and the focus groups!

At this point in the search process, the negotiating team comprised of Lou Gardiner-Parks, Krissa Palmer, and Glen McLaughlin is creating a “draft ministry agreement that reflects the relationship the congregation hopes to have with the minister it calls, and then to negotiate it with the ministerial candidate” (UUA Settlement Handbook).

A reminder that per UUA guidelines, an inside candidate that permits herself or himself to be considered for the position of settled minister must be considered by the MSC before any external candidates are considered. An inside candidate is a “minister who is a member or staff member of a congregation with a vacant position” (UUA Settlement Handbook).

If there are no inside candidates or an inside candidate is not selected by the MSC to continue in the selection process, the MSC will begin the procedure for a search for an external candidate.  One of the first steps in an external search is to complete the Application for Minister and Congregational Record (CR) and submit them online to the Transitions Office.

The MSC is committed to keeping the congregation informed of our progress in the search process. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the entire group at msc@puuc.org.

Beth Foreman, Lou Gardiner-Parks, Meredith Norman, Christine Robinson, Becky Schisler, Resa Treadaway, and Steve Whitfield