This Year’s Generosity Campaign Theme: Raise the Sails in 2020!

This Year’s Generosity Campaign Theme: Raise the Sails in 2020!

Ahoy! Are you onboard?

The Generosity Team has been busy at work for many months preparing for the unveiling of our 2020 stewardship theme! Perhaps you’ve noticed some nautical themes or posters. You’ll see more of that this week!

We will kick off our Generosity Campaign Saturday night at the Gala (University Gathering location). Haven’t RSVP’d yet? No problem! Click here to join us for fun, food, fellowship, and some entertainment you don’t want to miss.

This annual giving campaign officially begins on Sunday, Sept. 8th and runs through the last Sunday of the month. During this time, we’re seeking to reach our aspirational budget goal of $255,000 to sustain and grow our ministry in the new year. You’ll receive a pledge letter at the Gala or at church the next day asking for a generous renewal of your pledge. We will also update our records and your contact information during this process.

If each of our members pledges at least $1,474 in 2020, we will meet our goal! Many individuals are able to give far more and some not as much, but most of us can afford to invest more in our community. For those experiencing financial hardship, an inability to pledge is never a hindrance to membership. Our form has a “waiver” option. Waivers and pledges are confidential.

There are many ways you can give to Piedmont UU Church to ensure the future life and work of this religious community. Thank you for all the ways you contribute to beloved community!

Take a few moments to look at our website updates under the Generosity tab!

If you’d like to pledge early, the online process is simple:
1 – Go to
2 – Look for the Generosity Tab or dropdown option
3 – Select “2020 Pledge” or click here to go directly to the page. You’ll notice many updates.
4 – Fill in your information and click on “Submit”
It’s that easy.

Alternatively, you may email Rev. Mary Frances Comer ( or Congregational Administrator Deb Devalka ( with your confidential pledge.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and generous support of PUUC!
~Your Generosity Team