Spiritually Speaking: A Simple No Will Do!

Spiritually Speaking: A Simple No Will Do!

Spiritually Speaking: A Simple No Will Do!

I am a person who thrives on having several projects going on at once.  It’s part of my nature to enjoy the pace of diverse work that requires gear-shifting and new skills.  And I am, admittedly, a person who also can slip into being busy to avoid, to overwork, to go on autopilot.  Maybe you can relate?  Sometimes we say “yes” until we are not living at all but calendaring, completing, and competing in a never-ending race.

Three years ago when I was preparing for the arrival of our children, a good friend reminded me that life was about to shift radically (ha!).  He inquired how I was doing.  I looked down at my calendar that was tattered because of the number of appointments and reminders weighing it down.

“Of fine,” I replied nonchalantly.

He continued as if he had not heard me.  “I used to overwork too.  I was busy sometimes just to be busy.  For years, it cost me my health, my relationships, and a lot of joy.  I wish I could say things changed when I had my son, but really they just got worse.”

“Oh,” I said surprised.

“One day, when Jack was about twelve I came home late- again.  Jack had fallen asleep on the steps waiting for me because I promised to be home early that night.  I realized that every time I said yes to one more meeting or business trip, I was saying no to him.  I had to get honest about who I was and what I valued.”

This month we are focusing on the spiritual value of simplicity.  It’s not just about reducing clutter or the amount of appointments in your calendar, but a moment to concentrate and get clear: what/who do you love in your life?  What do you hope to come of your life?  Does your life reflect these priorities?  If not, how do you get more balanced?  If it does, where could you simplify and deepen commitment?

Join us in the courage for clarity and the wisdom to say no in order to say yes to the quest for purpose.

With faith and love,
Rev. Robin