Social Justice Leadership Training

Social Justice Leadership Training

Save the date! September 28-30 ~ Social Justice Leadership Training

Piedmont UU Church is proud to host a Justice Leadership Training Program which will span the 2018-2019 church year.  The program is brought to us by Sacred Fire UU and will include churches from across the Southern Region. Organizer and trainer, Rev. Nathan Hollister, has been a community organizer, leadership-, and racial justice trainer for more than 20 years and serves as Affiliate Faculty at Meadville Lombard Theological School and on the board of the UUSC.

What It Looks Like:

➢ Each congregation forms at least one small group of 5-9 people to participate in the program, with each group dedicated to bolstering the ongoing work of their congregation or to launching a new initiative at the service of its justice mission.

➢ Participants attend two in-person weekend workshops — one in Fall and one in Winter/Spring. These weekends are Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.

➢ Throughout the church year, groups meet bi-weekly for guided sessions, each beginning with a 20-30 minute video presentation which frames and prompts the groups’ ensuing work.

Training Content

Fall Weekend:
Practicing Interdependence Racial Justice, Covenantal Social Justice, Congregational Social Justice

September-December Sessions:
Story, Relationalism, Wholeness, Covenant, Process, Liberation, Collective Dreaming

Winter/Spring Weekend:
Practicing Solidarity Paradigms of Change, Transformation Methodology, Being Missional

Jan-May Sessions:
Systems & Institutions, Power & Oppression, Transformation, Community Organizing, Strategy & Tactics, Building Alternatives

Interested? If you’re able to commit to the two weekend workshops and to the bi-weekly trainings online, please contact Rev. Mary Frances to be included in Piedmont’s social justice leadership group.

HOME HOSPITALITY NEEDED ~ If you’d like to help organize home hospitality for many folks traveling from as far north as DC and as far west as North Texas, please contact Rev. Mary Frances or Deb Davelka at  If you are able to provide a “UU Bed and Breakfast” experience (or even just a UU bed and pillow experience), please contact Carol Turowski at with your name, address, and the number of people you’re able to accommodate.  Thank you so much!