Social Action Priorities for 2024

Social Action Priorities for 2024

Last month, the Social Action Team asked you to fill out a survey, choosing the justice issues that were most important to you. The good news is that we received a record-breaking 38 responses (up from 13 last year). Here are the results:

Threats to democracy — 24
Climate Justice — 20
Reproductive Justice — 15
Education Equity & Access — 15
BIPOC Justice & Equity — 13
Homelessness/Housing — 9
Refuge/Migrants — 6
Food security — 2
Violence/abuse — 1

The Team will be using this information in two ways. First, we will be designing our Share the Plate Partners for 2024 in light of the results of the survey. Our calendar of 2024 Share the Plate Partners will be sent out to all of our Piedmont community before the end of the year.

The second way that we will use this data is to be sure that our social action activities reflect our priorities as a community. It’s of interest that the top vote-getter – “threats to democracy” – is not something that we have concentrated on very much in the past. And 2024, with many crucial elections coming up in November, will be an important year to act on those issues. There are many organizations that do non-partisan work preserving our democracy, and the Social Action Team will be working to provide opportunities for us all to get involved.

The other two highest vote-getters — Climate Justice and LGBTQIA+ — are much-loved issues that Piedmont Unitarian Universalist Church has been active in for many years. Knowing the importance of them to our community, the Team will continue to expand our support in these areas.

So where do YOU, as a member of our community, fit in? First — please continue to support our many traditional social action activities that will still be offered. They cover all of the issues and are the continuing lifeblood of our church. Second — let us know what new ideas you are willing to bring to our Team. We meet by Zoom on the first Wednesday of the month at 7pm. If you can’t make the meetings, we still welcome your input and actions.

Questions? Comments? Contact Ali, Linda & Jack at