Room Request Form

Use of the Building(s) and/or Grounds at Piedmont UU Church

Please note that space is not guaranteed until it has been added to the church calendar or you receive a confirmation.

For general church events (meetings, trainings, etc.) not involving money, please fill out the Room Request Form below.
If money will be involved with this request (e.g. a fundraiser, admission fee, or expenses you wish to be reimbursed) fill out the Room Request Form for Events with Money Involved. Click here for the form.
If this is for a personal event (wedding, party, etc.) fill out the rental request form and turn in to the office administrator.

Groups using church space are responsible for clean up. Clean up the space after the event, remove excess trash to the dumpster and put furniture back. Cleanup supplies are found in the storage rooms and in the kitchens. If your group is the last one to use the sanctuary on a Saturday, you are responsible for setting up the sanctuary (chairs and hymnals) for the Sunday services.  Secure all exterior doors and windows after each meeting. If you are the last group in the building, confirm that the building(s) are empty before locking up. Here are some helpful resources:

Building Use Policy
Cleaning Check List
Alcohol Use Policy
Saturday Use of Sanctuary