Resa Treadaway Named Annual Commitment Team Lead

Resa Treadaway Named Annual Commitment Team Lead

Last week, Rev. Mary Frances introduced me, Resa Treadaway, as Annual Commitment Team (ACT) Lead.  I am honored to return to this role.

For those who do not know me, I am married to Sam Treadaway, the proud parent of two adult sons, and “grammy” to a 22-month-old granddaughter.  Sam and I have been members of Piedmont UU Church for 26 years. Throughout this time, I have served on various committees and teams including:

  • Membership
  • Fellowship
  • Canvass/Stewardship (15 of those years)
  • Committee on Ministry
  • Leadership Development (previously named Nominating Committee)
  • Capital Campaign
  • Vision 20/20
  • Ministerial Search Committee

One might ask why I do not take a break. Well, let me explain why:

  • Next to my family, this church (the people) are very near and dear to me.  You are my family and my spiritual support. Sam and I have gained so many close and lasting friendships within our church. It is with gratitude that I think about how our lives and our children’s lives have been enriched by those who make up our church family.
  • The terrific services/messages from the pulpit inspire me week to week.
  • The religious education for our youth and adults encourages the on-going development of our congregation, young and old.
  • The talented musicians we have at both gatherings make me smile and keep my toe tapping.
  • And… our church is a place where Resa can be Resa.

I am thrilled about the future of Piedmont UU Church, and have already made some plans for this committee.  We will have a formal pledge campaign in September of 2018, right after Labor Day. This pledge commitment will be for the 2019 church year.  The ACT will be looking into ways to make pledging and paying pledges easier. We will make ourselves available year-round for you to discuss pledging, not just during the month of our annual pledge campaign.  We want everyone to know that pledges help us budget, but also, pledges can be modified during the year.

Feel free to contact me ( or 704-701-6043) if you would like to discuss increasing your present pledge for the 2018 church year and if your circumstances allow. This is an exciting time for Piedmont UU Church. It is a time for growth and renewal.

Take care,

Resa Treadaway