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Welcome to the Annual Generosity Campaign for 2023

Our annual Generosity Campaign is a special time for Piedmont to dream big, set goals and then commit money and time to make those dreams a reality. As we move into 2023, our dream is bold and yet reachable: Grow Piedmont UU Church’s unique and needed ministry to Charlotte and Salisbury with the leadership of our new Minister (Rev. Dr. Amy) and our new Minister of Education and Outreach (Rev. Shakeisha); and hire a music director.

When we all pull together, we can make this happen.

Please consider how YOU support Piedmont’s programs in 2023 through your gifts of money and time. Piedmont UU Church’s future depends on all of us working and giving together.

Anyone is welcome to take part in Piedmont UU Church programs including worship and religious education. Members have additional privileges: to hold positions of leadership and to vote on congregational matters.

We require members to support the church through an annual financial pledge, unless they are unable to do so. If you are in that position and wish to continue to be a member, please talk with Rev. Dr. Amy to request a waiver from pledging

Pledge today to support Piedmont UU Church in 2023. Ready! Set! Grow!

Message from Our Lead Minister

As someone new to the Piedmont UU community, I am so impressed by the presence and actions of this amazing church! Piedmont UU has dedicated hours creating a strategic plan about how we want to move towards our future. We have already fulfilled some of our goals (like hiring a new full-time minister, for which I am quite grateful)! Our Annual Commitment Campaign is a wonderful opportunity to continue working towards our goals and support the important work of our church. Your contribution also ensures the smooth functioning of our facilities and staff, supports our ongoing programming, and provides the foundation for our social justice work.

I hope you will join me in pledging generously as our church continues
to grow!

Rev. Dr. Amy

Generosity Guide

Piedmont UU Church is important to us. Giving expresses how crucial this community is for each of us, the life of this community, and beyond. It takes many gifts to sustain our continued ability to thrive, so we welcome financial commitments in all amounts. This Generosity Guide is just one tool to help you determine your support this coming year.

In the spirit of joyful giving, look at this color-coded guide if you’d like some help translating your welcomed gifts into real dollars.

❤️ RED contributors —excited to sustain and expand the vision of our church, and fortunate to have discretionary income. A red pledge is $5,000 or more.

💗 MAGENTA — value the spiritual life of the church, with obligations that reduce discretionary spending. A magenta pledge is $3,000-$5,000.

💜 PURPLE — recognize how the church helps us live our values, and may have focused discretionary spending. A purple pledge is $1,000-$3,000.

💙 BLUE — commited to sustaining the work of the church, and may have limited resources. Blue pledges are $300-$1,000.

💚 GREEN — supports the future vitality of the church, and budgets based upon this belief. Green pledges may be less than $300.

Source: Adapted from UU of Southern Delaware