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Light the Flame for 2024 and Beyond!

Many hands of many colors lighting a chalice flame

Lighting the Flame for Tomorrow

Piedmont UU Church turned 35 years old in 2023, and we’re looking forward to 2024…and to the future beyond. Your pledge support keeps our flame burning brightly for years to come.

What does the pledge money do?

Pledges and contributions to the Piedmont UU Church ensure that we
  • Meet our obligations
  • Compensate staff fairly and justly
  • Support our communities
  • Provide lifespan religious education
  • Fight for social justice

Who can pledge?

Anyone can take part in Piedmont UU Church programs, including worship and religious education. Pledging members have additional privileges: they can hold leadership positions and vote on congregational matters. If you want to be a member, but cannot provide an annual financial pledge, please talk with Rev. Dr. Amy to request a waiver.

How Do I Pledge?

Pledge online, or email with your pledge or to request a paper pledge form. Pledge today and light the flame for tomorrow!

Dear Church Family,

Lighting The Flame for Tomorrow…

Our 2024 theme truly exemplifies where we are as a church – Lighting the Flame for Tomorrow. And your financial support will enable this flame to expand and grow more brightly.

The Future is Bright

Our hard-working members, including several new members, want to support each other and make our world a better place. We continue to enhance and increase our spiritual community and our commitment to social justice.

Your Pledge Supports the Church

With your pledge, we can commit to

  • supporting our amazing staff
  • expanding our ministries and
  • ensuring our grounds and buildings are in good condition and ready for our growth.

Thank You for Your Support

I thank you in advance for your pledge for the 2024 year. I know Piedmont Unitarian Universalist Church is committed to an exciting future. Your pledge helps make that possible.

Peace and joy,

Rev. Dr. Amy Rio, Lead Minister