Partners in Education January Service Sunday Wrap-up

Partners in Education January Service Sunday Wrap-up

Partners in Education January Service Sunday Wrap-up
Karen Haag, Co-Chair Partners in Education Team

Wonderful news from the Partners In Education Team. We’re so fortunate to be teaming with several congregations to promote the wellbeing of the students and staff at J. M. Alexander Middle School. So, let me begin with a thank you to all the individuals in our 3 gatherings: University, Salisbury, and Lake Norman.

When planning our Service Sunday for winter, we realized that math and English teachers needed supplies and attention, too. Within a couple days and sending out a “Help us!” email, Elaine Deck and Meredith Norman agreed to volunteer as coordinators! Beth Foreman headed things up at Salisbury and Amy Hartman led at Lake Norman.

Bottom line. All staff received a goodie bag: teachers, custodians, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, secretaries, and administrative staff! The gatherings collected over $700. Meredith used her savvy shopping skills to purchase the items for all 3 churches. We held 3 Service Sundays simultaneously and the congregants assembled the bags. The cards were deeply appreciated. Just look into the eyes of the teachers in the photos. Those members who chose to write poured out their hearts on paper and proved they understand the pressures teachers are under right now.

Special thanks to Elaine, Meredith, Amy, and Beth for leading, of course. Please say thank you to Billie Rosene, Marilin Campbell, Grace Bouchoucha, Molly Stith, and Jennifer Bowers at the gatherings. Jolena James-Stanton, Amanda Howard, and Charlotte McGee on the Piedmont UU Partners in Education Team. Special shout-outs to our tutors who trek joyfully to the school weekly: Elaine Deck, Jim Craig, Michelle Murphy, Jim Price, Ilene McFarland, and Lynne Godfrey.

If you would like to join the Education Committee, we still need volunteers: tutors, committee members, one-time service coordinators, and teacher mentors. Contact Jolena James-Stanton,, or me. Thank you to all who participated in big and small ways. Together, we made a difference.

Karen Haag
Co-Chair Partners in Education Committee