Our Shared Offering Plate

Our Shared Offering Plate

Each month, we seek to give back to our surrounding communities by partnering with agencies who are doing good work in various areas of social justice.

For example, in 2018, we shared our offering plate (i.e., we gave away 50% and kept 50% for operations) with agencies that are working to address issues that range from environmental justice to issues of hunger, violence, LGBTQI inclusivity and awareness, as well as things that address our principles of being a part of the interconnected web of all existence and honoring the worth and dignity of all beings.

Sharing with the community is a way of living into who we say we are as Unitarian Universalists.

We don’t just talk about social problems and matters of social justice. We live into the role of being social activists through volunteerism, through providing food and clothes for those in need, through peaceful protests, and through sharing what we have from a place of abundance. Thus, last year, we were able to have an impact on the surrounding communities by having a monthly food drive in both Salisbury and Charlotte and by supporting the following organizations through our sharing offering:

  • Forward Together: The UU Justice Ministry of NC
  • GreenFaith
  • Helping Animals to Survive (HATS)
  • Heart of the Carolinas UU Animal Ministry
  • Loaves and Fishes
  • Partners In Education
  • Rowan Helping Ministries
  • Salisbury PFLAG
  • Time Out Youth
  • UUA Annual Program Fund
  • UU Sacred Fire Social Justice
  • UUSC (Unitarian Universalist Service Committee)

This year, we will continue to support causes that Piedmont has been faithful to over the years, and we will also expand our list to focus on matters related to immigration.

As we seek to make this world a better place, your generosity each week makes that possible in a very tangible way. Thank you for caring; thank you for giving; and Blessed Be!