Our Promise — Feb. 2022

Our Promise To Each Other — Feb. 2022

Members and Friends of Piedmont UU Church,

We’re excited be reopening for in-person services and look forward to seeing you. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this most recent closure.

Below you will find “Our Promise To Each Other,” which details our expectations for those wishing to gather in person. For those who will remain as online viewers, we welcome you in that space as well, and look forward to fellowship with you via Zoom.

Your Co-Ministers,

Michelle and Shakeisha

As Piedmont Unitarian Universalist Church opens our services during this pandemic, we recognize the individual and communal needs of our members. We hold the most vulnerable in our hearts as we struggle to navigate these times. We do not wish to exclude anyone, yet we are keeping in mind the health and safety of all. There will be risk, but if everyone follows these guidelines, worshipping together will be as safe as possible for everyone.
Some will be ready to return now. Some will wait. We each have freedom to choose to (1) continue to worship online in this season, (2) return to in-person worship in our beloved sanctuary, or (3) watch the service at our convenience any time during the week.

Our Promise To Each Other

In-Person Attendees

  • If I wish to attend in person, I must register in advance, unless I am a Sunday service volunteer (volunteer details below).
  • Register online by Saturday at 6PM before the Sunday I wish to attend. Register by phone or email by contacting the office. After Saturday, email Karen Haag to see if there still is a spot.
    Registration is now open for a month at a time.
    You can register for each week in the month that you would like to attend. Registration is important because we have capacity for 30 people each week, and we will do contact tracing.
  • Register individually or as a family group for in-person worship. If registering for a group, I will share this promise with my group.
  • Once I have registered, I will arrive between 10:40 and 10:55. This will give volunteers time to get ready and me time to get checked in so that I will be in my seat(s) and on time for the service at 11:00.
  • Be fully vaccinated if that option is available to me, free of any symptoms or suspicion of recent exposure to the virus and remain fully masked at all times if 2 years old or older.
  • I will not attend when sick in any way: fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue or tiredness, muscle or body aches, headache, lower back ache, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion, runny nose, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.
  • For now, I will wear a mask and distance 6 feet from people not in my group.
  • If I am able, I will enter the building through the main entrance, and exit the sanctuary through the back patio. Move at a safe distance through the hallway and into the sanctuary and find a safely distanced seat individually or with my group.
  • After worship: Choose whether to fellowship inside or outside of the building. If so, gather safely wearing my mask and socially distancing.
  • Ask greeters for help if I become sick or have an emergency. (Look for the “Greeter” name tag.)
  • If I discover soon after attending that individuals in my party have been exposed to Covid-19, I will inform Randy Schisler, our volunteer Contact Tracer, info@puuc.org.

Volunteers on Sunday

  • Sunday volunteers DO NOT register online the week you serve. Instead, you will be contacted and asked to volunteer. Volunteers’ names will be on a roster at the door. To volunteer as worship assistant, greeter, Zoom room, musician, or tech help, email info@puuc.org, and you will be directed to the right person.
  • Volunteer Arrival Times: Worship Observer and Tech manager arrive by 10:10. Worship Coordinator and Assistant arrive by 10:15. Musicians, Greeters, and Tech arrive by 10:20 to get checked in, set up stations, and be ready by 10:40.

Please be aware that our services will be different.

  • In-person services are Registration-Only Services unless you’re volunteering.
  • The minister will give an overview and directions throughout the service, so we can keep up to date with changes. No Order of Service is needed at this time.
  • If attending with children, please consider sitting up front with them so they can see the Story for All Ages more easily. Also, please sign a permission slip for filming as this is a live broadcast. (Greeters have them.)
  • You may place your offering in plates at the back of the sanctuary.
  • Singing with masks is encouraged.
  • No food or drink will be consumed on the premises. (On occasion, ministers and/or guest speakers may have access to drinking water.)
  • Name tags have been pulled for now.

Note that we’ve been taking small steps each week to fully reach our goal of worshiping in person at the University and Salisbury Gatherings. Thank you for your feedback that has led us to make changes. The Regathering Committee will continue to reflect to determine if our service is as welcoming and safe as possible and if protocols need to be adapted or streamlined. We’ll also keep an eye on community health issues and CDC and UUA guidelines and make changes where appropriate including going back to virtual-only services if necessary.

We’re so excited you chose Piedmont UU Church as your place of worship. Thank you for your ongoing support that allows us to take this new step of our journey together. We ask for continued grace in the coming weeks, as we continue to learn to be both welcoming and safe when offering in-person services.