Ongoing Work of the Meditation & Memorial Garden Committee

Ongoing Work of the Meditation & Memorial Garden Committee

The Meditation & Memorial Garden Committee has continued to work on plans for a potential garden. In April, members interviewed leaders of teams and committees and other church members to gather thoughts and ideas about how the garden could be used. The written report that was generated was shared with the Board of Trustees, the members of the committee, and with Laurel Holtzapple, a Unitarian Universalist landscape architect our committee has chosen to design the garden. Members expressed the hope that the outdoor garden can be used for small services, rituals, and meetings; that musicians and the choir could perform outside; that children from the preschool would be able to visit the garden and identify plants and birds. Children would be able to gather for circle time in the garden. Members expressed the hope that plants native to North Carolina would be used in an environmentally protected garden.

The garden would also be a sacred space for the interment of ashes of beloved family members. A separate area for ashes of pets has also been mentioned and discussed. It will provide a quiet and beautiful space for meditation and quiet conversation.

On June 9, the committee will present a service on the garden in which all of the committee members will participate, and it will be followed by an Open House at 11 a.m. with Laurel, who wants to continue to gather ideas and information from members and begin to share her own thoughts about the best way to develop an outdoor sacred space.

Members of the Meditation & Memorial Garden Committees are Rev. Mary Frances Comer, Jeff Blum, Gail Smith-Arrants, Michelle Murphy, Elaine Slaton, Pauline Tulson, Doug Wall, and Anne Laukaitis.

Anne Laukaitis
April 30, 2019