Official Yard Sale Proclamation

Official Yard Sale Proclamation

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

It hath been decreed that the Piedmont UU Church University Gathering YARD SALE will take place on the 24th day of the month of August! Please read on with wonder as I anticipate and answer all of your questions…


Q. Do we REEEAAAALLY have to have a yard sale?? They are so much WORK! (for full effect, ask this in a whiney voice)

A. Yes, we really SHOULD have a yard sale this year! The 2019 budget was made with the assumption that funds would be raised with a yard sale. They ARE a lot of work, but keep reading to find out how this year’s sale will be simplified to (hopefully) cut down on much of the work!


Q. How will this year’s yard sale be different than previous years’ sales?

A. In previous years, the yard sale set-up takes place over 6 days – members drop their items off throughout the week, and yard sale volunteers spend hours and hours sorting, cleaning, pricing, and placing items in the correct location. This year, rooms and tables will be prepped on Thursday August 22nd during the morning and early afternoon. All areas will be clearly marked with signs. On the evening of Thursday the 22nd and all day on Friday August 23rd, members can bring their items for the yard sale. Items must be in ready-to-sell condition and PRICED. Members will also place the items in their appropriate locations. Volunteers will be on hand to assist with placement as needed.

Q. What does ready-to-sell condition mean?

A. Ready-to-sell means the item is Clean, Assembled (if necessary), and Priced.


Q. How should I price my items??

A. Price stickers will be made available during the Sundays leading up to the yard sale – take as many as you think you will need! Plain masking tape can also be used. Please price items TO SELL. Some tips: ask yourself what YOU would pay for a similar item at a yard sale. If you have an emotional attachment to an item, ask a friend to tell you what they would pay for it. Please price using 25 cent increments. (For example, an item could be priced $4.00, $4.25, $4.50, or $4.75). This will make the check-out process run more efficiently.


Q. What items are accepted?

A. Housewares, electronics, small and large appliances, sporting goods, tools, kitchen items, pet items, furniture, jewelry, art, home décor, all things children (clothes, books, equipment, toys!), and more!


Q. What items are not accepted?

A. Please NO car seats, baby cribs with drop sides, mattresses, adult clothing/shoes, books (other than kids’ books), broken items, dirty items, or younger siblings.


Q. What if I have very large items that are difficult to transport?

A. We would like to try to sell all large items on sites such as Craigslist, Next Door, and Facebook Marketplace prior to the yard sale. If you need assistance with this, please contact Becky Schisler.


Q. Why are we holding the sale in August when it is so HOT?

A. For various reason we were unable to hold the yard sale in June as we typically do. Hopefully we can get back to that schedule, but for this year, August 24th is a date when no other church events are taking place and it falls before the preschool teachers return to prep the classrooms for the school year.


Q. Will there be a sale in Salisbury?

A. Yes. Contact Beth Foreman if you would like to help out and to determine the date of the sale.


Q. Do you need more volunteers?

A. YES! We need volunteers willing to help with: Advertising, Thursday Set-Up, sale of large items prior to the yard sale date, monitoring designated areas during the sale, checking out, and breakdown/cleanup. Any help you are able to offer is extremely appreciated! Please help us make this year’s yard sale a success! To volunteer or to ask more questions, please contact Becky Schisler or Molly McGoff at