News from Salisbury

News from Salisbury

News from Salisbury

Beth Foreman, Salisbury Steering Team Lead

This has been a busy Spring for the Salisbury Gathering. Some activities and events members were/are involved in are: being an election official, providing information and registering local high schoolers to vote, campaigning for local candidates, attending NC Democracy local sessions on statewide issues, supporting local teachers, volunteering at schools, getting ready for Salisbury Pride (Piedmont UU Church is a Rainbow Sponsor this year), getting ready for our 2nd annual yard sale and for Chickweed, participating in Mom’s Against Gun Violence, and more.

Our musicians continue to treat every week with wonderful music. Orland has organized a choir which will perform June 24th.

Thanks to Elliot for joining the musicians, to Julia for providing a service with her mom, to Ron for being willing to pick up his clarinet after many years to also join in creating weekly music.

Thanks to Eileen for organizing greeters, to Bob for organizing service assistants, to Orland for directing musicians (and for your original works), to all the musicians, to Joanne for organizing weekly hospitality, to April for her work with the religious education program, and for all the contributions made by everyone.

Upcoming events/dates:
June 9th, Salisbury Yard Sale
June 23rd, Salisbury Pride
July 28th, Chickweed—a celebration of women by women

Piedmont Unitarian Universalist Church