NC’s Faith Forward Coalition

Save the date! NC's Faith Forward Coalition - July 14 with Bree Newsome in Winston-Salem

“The NC Faith Forward Coalition is an LGBTQ-affirming faith coalition working to make North Carolina a more just and inclusive home for all LGBTQ people. It more specifically is a coalition of varying organizations with an focus in the intersections of faith and justice. This group does intersectional work with groups like NC NAACP (state), Repairers of the Breach (Poor People’s Campaign), Union Theological Seminary, The Freedom Center for Social Justice and more groups with a justice/inclusivity framework.”

On Saturday, July 14th, NC Faith Forward, Uniting Our Future conference will be held in Winston, Salem NC at the Enterprise Center.

“The Uniting For Our Future conference is a non-partisan, public education gathering that will provide opportunities for you to learn from others, make connections that help increase our power across the state to strengthen public education, ban the box efforts, immigration and sanctuary solidarity, and maintaining a fair judiciary. Through dialogue and peer-to-peer education, this gathering seeks to uplift the voices of the most vulnerable and unite our visions for a just and inclusive future for all North Carolinians.”

EVERYONE is welcomed “to join this conference but particularly those who have a vested interest in creating more affirming spaces in your respective areas; affirming with a LGBTQ framework.

The keynote speaker is activist Bree Newsome (the woman who scaled the flagpole at the SC Statehouse to remove the confederate flag).

Register for the Uniting for Our Future summit here.