Music and the Choir Program at Piedmont UU

About Our Music Program
Here at Piedmont UU, music is an integral part of the worship service. Our services are thoroughly infused with music-making so that each and every person in the sanctuary has the chance to participate if they are so inclined. Our goal is to establish a musical climate that encourages excellence and diversity, a unity of purpose among musicians in the congregation, and to reveal and celebrate the wealth and scope of the world’s music which expresses and embodies the values of UUism.

For those with a desire to contribute more, there are opportunities to sing in the choir, participate in small ensembles, lead congregational singing, or perform as a soloist. All skill levels, vocal ranges, and instrumental acuities are welcome, and the ability of our volunteers range from professional musicians to enthusiastic amateurs. We aim to provide music from a variety of faiths and secular traditions and our services are rich in music from different genres. All who are interested are invited to strum, hum, ring, and sing with us!

Adult Choir
The Adult Choir is infused with music making along with educational opportunities for vocal technique, choral sound production, music theory, sight reading, and reflection on why music moves our hearts. In addition, time for fellowship activities to facilitate group bonding (i.e. FUN) is scheduled on a regular basis.

Upper Voices & Lower Voices
These two small groups allow singers to be involved with a choral experience focused on sound production for their specific types of voice. The Upper Voices group is made up of sopranos and altos; accordingly, the Lower Voices ensemble is comprised of tenors and basses. These groups are non-gender specific, meaning no matter what your gender identity happens to be, if your voice fits the vocal range of the group, you are welcome to participate. In other words, these groups may have men singing soprano or women singing tenor.

Solo, Small Ensemble (Vocal and Instrumental)
Opportunities abound for soloists, duets, and small ensemble groups at Piedmont. If you are interested in sharing your passion for a certain instrument or a particular type of singing, we look forward to talking with you.

Salisbury Gathering
Piedmont UU Church is exceptional in that we have not one, but TWO locations at which to share music. This intimate service holds great opportunities for sharing music in a warm and accepting environment. We’d love to have you offer a song or two.