Music News — October 2020

Music News

Our Musician Spotlight this month is focused on Elaine Deck. Her rich musical background continually enhances our music, and we’re so happy she’s dedicated herself to the Piedmont UU Music Program!
– Kaarin (

Musician Spotlight: Elaine Deck

This California girl has always loved music. I remember singing “How Much Is That Doggie in The Window” for a PTA pageant in first grade with my sisters. Being triplets was a novelty, and we were a trio from the start. We always had music playing on the radio. We’d learn the songs and then make up harmonies so we could each have a part. I even sang the descant. Both my parents loved big band music and jazz. Though my father never learned to read music, he taught himself to play the saxophone, drums, harmonica, and a bit of guitar by ear. He could listen to a song once or twice and have it memorized.

When folk music became popular, I asked my folks for a guitar for Christmas. I wanted a 4-string guitar like the one played by the Kingston Trio and Brother’s Four, so that was what I got. I was 12 years old and stayed up for hours that night so I could learn to play the key of C from the guitar book that came with the guitar. That Martin guitar has been my constant companion.

I’ve sung and toured in college choirs, a gospel group, and in my twenties joined 3 others to form a chamber choir in my town. The four of us were soloists with our community choir that sang with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Neville Mariner. Later I played drums in a Celtic band that sang Renaissance and music from the British Isles. What can I say? Music has always been a life stream for me and has brought so many wonderful people into my life. Singing in the PUUC Choir with Kaarin and my friends has taught me so much. Under Kaarin’s leadership and our choir’s dedication to maintaining connection and singing together, even remotely, has been a saving grace for me during this time. Music has a way of connecting people and providing a voice to emotions when no words can be found.