Minister’s Letter

Minister's Letter

March 2019

Dear Members, Visitors, and Friends,

Thank you for visiting our website! You’ll find helpful information and resources here as well as links to videos, recommended reading, and ongoing updates.

Thanks to your goodness and generosity, we finished 2018 on a very strong and positive note. We were finally able to set aside some money in a reserve fund. This has been a long time goal, and I’m thrilled that we were able to live into that at year’s end.

As we move into 2019, we’re already making plans for 2020 because part of any successful journey is preparation! Our yearly budget is funded mostly by members’ pledges and donations. Our annual auction provides a generous amount (and is tremendous fun!); an annual yard sale has been another successful fundraiser; and facility rentals provides some income as well.

Your generous financial support sustains every aspect of this ministry. If you are new to pledging and would like a frame of reference, the Fair Share Guide from the UUA may be a helpful starting point.  If you are already pledging, we ask that you revisit your pledge annually and consider an increase so that we remain strong and continue to serve as a beacon to one another and to the larger community. We understand that an increase is not a possibility for some families, and we honor that.

We also understand that financial hardship or lack of income prohibit some people from being able to pledge, but this is not a hurdle to becoming a member. We welcome you wholeheartedly and recognize that stewardship comes in many forms–time, sharing of talent, service, and presence. If you desire membership but are unable to pledge at this time, please contact me to receive a confidential waiver.

For those of you with more than enough, if you appreciate what’s happening in this beloved community, please take a moment to consider increasing your annual gift or making a special one-time gift to shore up our finances.

I’m honored to be serving as your newly settled minister and look forward to the years ahead as we nurture spirits, cherish diversity, cultivate justice, and radiate love! If you have questions about any aspect of our ministry, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

In peace and with much gratitude,

Rev. Mary Frances Comer
Lead Minister