May Letter from the Minister

Letter from the Minister

Our theme for May is Pluralism, which is the idea that a multitude of beliefs/ideas can exist together. It is the great “both/and” as opposed to “either/or” thinking. It’s a foundational belief for UUs. We value each person’s unique beliefs and spiritual journey. There is no requirement that everyone adheres to one certain dogma or doctrine. The church community is about the questions, not the answers.

For the first two Sundays, I’ll explore foundational aspects of pluralism. We have two different guest speakers during the last two Sundays while I am away for study leave and vacation. Both Rev. Dr. Rodney Sadler and our own member, Teresa R., have unique perspectives, which will provide living examples of what it means to embody pluralism.

One interesting aspect of pluralism is that we can grow along our spiritual journey by engagement with others. Each of the perspectives we encounter in May provides opportunity for us to explore the questions even more fully. I look forward to our continued journey together!

Rev. Dr. Amy