A Letter from Your Lead Minister

A Letter from Your Lead Minister

Dear Folks:

Our theme for the month of May is Creativity.  May it inspire us–in whatever form–to minister to one another as we seek to nurture the spirit, cherish diversity, cultivate justice, and radiate love.  

The month of April held a wonderful celebration of Piedmont’s 30th Anniversary as well as Deb Davelka’s 10th Anniversary.  We had our first Pancake Supper, our first meditative (Soulful Series) service, and a very generous month of giving–from the offering to the food drive to the supplies for our partner school’s teachers.

We’re celebrating visitors, welcoming new members, and gaining a renewed spirit of optimism. Several individuals have commented on a different “energy.”  Thank you for your part in that.

We’re already beginning to plan our pledge campaign for 2019 (yes, only 4 months into the new year), and part of that means taking inventory of our membership and pledge units now.  

We are succeeding and beginning to thrive even though we have approximately 50 members who have not pledged for 2018. I’m not discouraged by that.  I’m inspired and encouraged that we’re growing and healing despite some losses.

Imagine what we could do if 50 more members pledged!

What would it look like if we all gave more?  The future is bright, and Piedmont will grow healthier and continue to thrive more and more as we operate from a place of positivity and abundance.  As our annual commitments increase, our ability to offer programming also increases.

I’ve been reviewing Piedmont’s original vision for 2020.  We have some creative catching up to do!

I’m up for that.  Are you?

Wishing you peace and offering my gratitude,

Rev. Mary Frances