Letter From Rev Shakeisha

Letter from Rev Shakeisha

Greetings beloved community,

The only constant in life is change and we have had a lot of it recently. None of it bad, just different, which is to be expected with growth, exploration, and this new season we all find ourselves well into a pandemic. Piedmont UU is poised and ready to continue to both welcome and facilitate the changes before us.

We’ve adapted our Religious Education program, instead of offering traditional Sunday morning classes, we’ve moved to a monthly format with the intent of making it more family and community centered. This is completely in line with other congregations in the UUA and our surrounding churches. Our first event, A Blessing of the Animals, will be held on Sunday, Nov. 13th from 2-3pm at the University Gathering. All friends and family members are invited, especially our furry or scaly ones. Our second event will be that same week and will be a big deal considering it’s the tenth anniversary for our Interfaith Thanksgiving Dinner between Piedmont UU, Temple Israel, and John Calvin Presbyterian on Nov. 16th at 6pm. Again, everyone is invited and we ask that you please bring a pork-free covered dish. It will be held in the fellowship hall of John Calvin Presbyterian in Salisbury.

Both of these events are exciting opportunities to gather in fellowship outside of the routine Sunday morning worship service and they create space for multigenerational connection. Piedmont is incredibly excited to move in this direction! We look forward to scheduling more events in the future that will further help us grow and imagine community in a myriad of ways!

In peace,

Rev. Shakeisha

P.S. Check out our new EcoWise group. We’re waiting to hear back from the NCDOT about adopting a highway portion in Kannapolis, smack dab in the middle of our two gatherings!