February 2023 Letter from Rev Dr Amy Rio

Letter from Rev. Dr. Amy Rio

During the month of February, we will focus on a different female Medieval mystic each Sunday – Hildegard of Bingen, Julian of Norwich, Margery Kempe, and Teresa of Avila. These women left behind amazing visions, writings, music, and guidelines which have survived the centuries. Their unique personalities showed through each of their works, inspiring countless people during their day while also at times challenging the men in power.

I taught a college course on Medieval Women Mystics for a number of years, and I always tasked my students with exploring what the stories and works of these women have to say to people today. As we learn more about these individuals during the month of February, let’s ask how they can inspire us, how we are challenged by them, and what meaning this provides for our own spiritual journeys within our world today.

I promise profound words conveyed by these women, some good laughs, and the spark of light we see in each story and each person – no matter how time and culture might divide us.

Rev. Amy