Leadership at the Piedmont UU Church

Piedmont UU Church Board Of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is elected by the congregation and is responsible for the business affairs and policies of the church and is the trustee of the property of the church. Our denomination’s principal of congregational policy means that ultimate authority rests with the congregation. Therefore, whenever appropriate, the board meets with the congregation or with committee chairs and team leaders on business and policy issues.

Becky Schisler, president@puuc.org

Past President:
Sam Treadaway

Glen McLaughlin

Anne Laukaitis

Lou Gardiner-Parks

Member At-Large:
Lynne Godfrey

Member At-Large:
Merry Overholser

Committee Chairs and Team Leaders


Campus Committee:
Contact Anne Laukaitis for more information.

Endowment Fund:
Joseph Arrants, Jeff Blum, Eric Hake, and Harry Lancaster

Leadership Development:
Loye Metz-Johnson, Judy Poler, Sam Treadaway, and Carol Turowski


Annual Commitment:
Resa Treadaway, stewardship@puuc.org

Congregational Care:
Michelle Murphy and Pauline Tulson

Contact Rev. Mary Frances Comer for more information.

Perry Babcock and Nancy DeLux

Religious Education Team:
Karen Dutton, Amanda Howard, and MJ Lieberman

Social Justice Teams:
ADORE, Contact adore@puuc.org for more information
Interweave (Charlotte & Salisbury Pride)
Monthly Food Drive
Partners In Education, Molly McGoff

Worship Team:
Karen Dutton (University Gathering) and Bob Voelker (Salisbury Gathering)