Lake Norman Update

Lake Norman Update

Dear Lake Norman Gathering and Piedmont Friends,

As our congregation continues to deepen our relationship with the Piedmont congregation, I would like to announce the members of the Lake Norman steering team.  This group will plan and facilitate the ongoing programs for our gathering.  They are:

Team Facilitator: Nicole Gantz

Membership: Marjorie Flowers

Fellowship: Grace Bouchoucha

Worship: Marilin Campbell

Adult SE: Dan Aldridge

Children’s SE: Veronique Singerman

I look forward to working with them and with all of you as we re-focus our energy on building our community through programming and outreach to the wider community.

You may notice that Social Action is not represented by a steering team member.  This is because Social Action is not an “in house” activity, rather we expect it to be a combined effort with the Social Action Team that operates jointly for all three sites of the Piedmont Congregation.

With appreciation, Rev. Amy


With Gratitude

As we try out new ways of doing things with Piedmont administrative staff, I trust it is not premature to express my deep gratitude to Bruce Henderson and Anne Pender for their long-time service to the UU Fellowship of Lake Norman.

Bruce has been the editor of our newsletter for many years, perhaps has long as we have had a newsletter at all.  He has faithfully reminded us to turn in our copy and has thoughtfully edited our work to create a meaningful, readable document for us each month.

Anne has managed our database since the very beginning.  As we have expanded she has taken on other duties including our budgets, directory, email blasts and other database dependent upkeep that happens — we have no idea how!

As they retire from these duties, please join me in thanking them for their dedicated service!  Rev. Amy