Kids of All Ages, Save the Dates!

Kids of All Ages, Save the Dates!

Looking Ahead to the Month of July ~  Special Religious Education Sessions with the Animal Ministry!

Hello K-12 Youth of Piedmont UU!

July is Animal Ministry month here at Piedmont UU Church. Taking care of all the planet’s animals can be complicated, but there are simple things we can do, too. We’d like you to know more about your role.

Animals and people are interconnected; they depend on one another. If you have a pet, you know that’s true. You feed your pet and make sure it gets the kind of exercise and sleep it needs. However, your pet meets your needs as well. Sometimes, it knows when you’re sad and licks you to comfort you. We’ve all heard stories of animals saving people’s lives, even.

Every Sunday in July, the people of Heart of The Carolinas Animal Ministry will teach Religious Education (RE) classes for you at the University Gathering. They want you to have fun while you learn more about one of the principles that Unitarian Universalists believe: Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

On July 8th for example, you can visit the Alpaca Ranch. We’ll learn about bees and their role in our food production during RE class and then head off to the ranch after church. Heart of the Carolinas Animal UU Ministry will pay for your ticket! (RSVP Mimi or Claudia at if you’d like to attend.)

On July 22, you will meet Ben. He lives with Dubs, his service dog. Dubs goes with Ben everywhere to make sure he is safe – even to school. Ben will be here to tell you about how his life is so much better because of Dubs. If Dubs could talk, I think he would say he’s happier, too.

Each week you will have 1-2 different teachers sponsored by Heart of the Carolinas who will make sure you have fun with games, stories, and activities that will help you know how to care for domestic and wild animals. Come to see what’s happening each week!