Keepers of the Flame

Keepers of the Flame

This is the first article in a series where the President-Elect of the Board of Trustees, ask questions to the Lay Leaders of our gatherings. Each month, our leaders will answer a few questions about their: committee/teams, experiences, and aspirations. In the next year, we will learn more about the Committees/Teams of: ADORE, Buildings & Grounds, Communications, Health Congregation, Interweave, Lake Norman, Music, Religious Education,  Social Justice and Worship.

dougwall patwall

Pat and Doug Wall are leaders within the Fundraising Committee and have been members of Piedmont UU Church since 2015.

“The purpose of the Fundraising Committee is to raise funds outside of the annual commitment pledge drive. The Fundraising Committee supports the operational budget.” (Piedmont UU Church Policy Manual – June 2016 page 8).

Lee Elliott Carnes: What was your first experience with Unitarian Universalism?

Pat Wall: My mother was a UU and although I attended another church as a young child with my father; and her influence came through, Doug and I chose to marry in a UU church and the rest is history.

Doug Wall: My first experience with UU was on our wedding day. Aug 17th 1969.

Lee: What UU positions of leadership have you held?

Pat: Within the 3 UU churches I have been RE Director, Director of The UU sponsored Preschool, chair of: Membership committee, Social Concerns and Denominational Affairs, and co-chair of Auctions.

Doug:  I have been chair or member in Membership in two churches, Friendship, Denominational affairs, chair in two churches. Treasure in one church.  Finance committee in two churches. Fundraising chair now in three churches. President in two churches.

Lee: What are your favorite parts of the annual action?

Pat: For me it’s a toss-up between the fun of the auction itself and the challenge to bring in donations from so many outside donors.

Doug: It is definitely the actual auctioneering of the event.

Lee: What can Piedmont UU Church look forward to from the Fundraising Committee?

Pat: The Fundraising for Piedmont UU Church should expect a fabulous, fun and successful auction each year.  We also look for new ideas and opportunities which build community among our members and friends as well as add to Piedmont UU funds.

Doug: Fundraising is a tool used to supplement the yearly budget.  As needs arise we will hopefully have new an exciting fundraising. We always need people to join the committee to bring new ideas.

Lee: So what made you so passionate about Unitarian Universalism?

Pat: I have found within our UU churches. a community of caring, respectful free thinkers who are concerned with improving the lives of others in our local and global community.  Unitarian Universalism challenges me to become a better person and to consider new ideas and viewpoints.

Doug:  I have been a UU for 47 years. I was raised Southern Baptist which places an enormous amount of fear and guilt on you.  From the first time I step into a UU church it was like having a cleansing sigh.  The heavy burden of fear and guilt was lifted. Most churches as they say try to prepare the person for an after-life. I never understood why people want to prepare for an unknown and not just try and do good work while they are here.