Keeper of the Flame: Michael Demby

Keeper of the Flame: Michael Demby

This article series continues the Keeper of the Flame tradition started by retired president Lee Elliott Carnes.  The prompts are posed by Piedmont UU Church President of the Board of Trustees, Jim Price, and the answers are provided by members of our church community.

About Me:

I was born in Charlotte and have lived in the area my whole life.  My father was a good role model by instilling in me to always do a good job and find a job you love to do – I DO.  My mother was very nurturing, but always kept me and my siblings straight.  I have a sister 7 years older than me, and a brother 14 years older, so we were not really close, but we loved and tolerated each other’s quirks! I was raised in the Baptist church, and continued most of my life. For almost 25 years I have been with the same company; it has merged a couple times, but I remain!  I am basically in the physical security industry doing networking and software work on cameras, locking control, and alarms.

What brought me to Piedmont UU Church:

After my divorce I bounced around to several churches in Charlotte, but I never found the true community I needed. When Judy and I met, I discovered she was going to a Jewish temple with her former husband and had raised her kids Jewish. But she did not want to stay there since her former husband still attended.  The Rabbi there, Judy Schindler, was friends with Robin Tanner and suggested that we check out Piedmont UU Church. So we did, and we immediately felt the love and acceptance of the congregation here.

Interest groups:

I have been involved in the Men’s Group here, sparsely due to the traveling I do in the region, and I helped the Men’s Group and Animal Ministry build dog runs. I’m a regular volunteer for the yard sale and took the lead for Building & Grounds to install the security cameras in the Meeting House. I have helped on Sunday mornings as a greeter/security.  Currently I have been involved with stewardship/pledging. I enjoy doing that since I feel that I am helping our community with a real need.  I also like talking to people one on one (nervous when speaking to a group) and like to connect with people and find out about them.  By doing this, I hope to help others see that by giving to our community, they are helping with the many aspects of our church. This is a very important canvass and I am honored and pleased to be part of it.