Keeper of the Flame: Meredith Merritt

Keeper of the Flame: Meredith Merritt

This article series continues the Keeper of the Flame tradition started by retired president Lee Elliott Carnes.  The questions are posed by Piedmont UU Church President of the Board of Trustees, Jim Price, and the answers are provided by members of our church community.

1) What brought you to Piedmont Unitarian Universalist Church?

I found Piedmont UU Church by accident; it was the only church nearby. After trying it, I stayed because of the sense of acceptance among people here for everyone. I felt at home. People responded to and welcomed me just as I am. This continues and inspires my current attendance and activities.

2) What do you love most about our church?

I love our increased diversity, the ability to think for myself, and the freedom to develop my own spiritual path without criticism of what I’m doing now. I feel comfortable being able to talk freely to anyone at Piedmont UU Church. I love the appreciation for and commitment to the arts. I enjoy the art shows, participating in them, discussing their work with the artists, and the pleasure I derive from art. Art speaks to our souls. How appropriate for art to be a part of Piedmont UU Church.

3) Tell us about Meredith Merritt.

I’m not too keen on writing about myself. I am a retired librarian and artist and have published an Amazon e-book of my artwork. I have met and made many friends at Piedmont UU Church. I’ve always enjoyed the number of things I could do at Piedmont UU Church—”build your own theology” class, book groups, chalice circles, presentations/classes on sacred texts, and the like. Now I enjoy serving on the Animal Ministry Team and look forward to continue going to a place that always makes me feel happy. I love animals and I love people who love animals. Meditation is important for me; trying to still my soul is spiritual to me. Meditation is the counterbalance for my busy mind and inner quiet. I have too much of the first and not of the second, and I need all the help I can get.