July Letter from the Minister

Letter from the Minister

As you open this month’s newsletter, we are entering the “dog days of summer,” a time in July and early August where the heat and humidity are oppressive, and it can be a challenge to go about our normal day to day responsibilities. With the impact of climate change increasing each year, we are already experiencing even greater heat extremes. Beyond what this does to the physical body, how do the “dog days” impact our spiritual bodies? We live in a society that is all about constantly progressing and advancing. We think we need to constantly be “doing” things if we are evolving as spiritual beings.

Yet, on these days when our physical bodies don’t feel like doing much beyond the required basics, perhaps now is a time we can rest with our spiritual selves as well. I encourage each one of us to find some time in cool, quiet places — perhaps with a cold lemonade or iced tea — and be present with our spirits. This might be meditation or prayer or silence or a quiet activity like journaling. Let’s see this escape or relief from the heat as an opportunity to nurture our souls.

Take care of yourselves during these hot days — both your physical and spiritual selves.

Rev. Amy