Introduction to This Month’s Theme, Blessing

Introduction to This Month's Theme, Blessing

by Rev. Robin

What Does It Mean To Be
A People of Blessing?

A Soul Matters facilitator writes, “I guess after plan A fails, I need to remember there’s a whole alphabet.”

It’s not just our friend who needs help remembering that “there’s a whole alphabet” out there; it’s all of us. We all get stuck in wanting things a certain way. We all, at times, focus so intently on the few things going wrong that we completely miss the dozens of things that are going right. Tunnel vision too often takes over our days.

For our Unitarian Universalist faith, this is the central tragedy of the human condition. We respect those who frame our problem as sin and tainted souls, but it’s nearsightedness that our religion is most worried about. For us “a life of blessing” is less about securing eternal reward or forgiveness; it’s more about widening our view.

And there’s a lot at stake when it comes to this wider view. When the world seems stingy to us, we are stingy to others. Those who feel blessed have little trouble sharing blessings with others.  Our tradition takes this calculus seriously. As UU minister, Rev. Don Wheat, puts it “The religious person is a grateful person, and the grateful person is the generous person.”

So this month the question in front of all of us is not simply “Do you notice the blessings all around you?”  It’s also, “How are the blessings in your life leading you to bless others?”  There is indeed a whole alphabet out there. May we notice it, and help each other do the same.