How much should I pledge?

How much should I pledge?

What you give is up to you; however, the UUA (Unitarian Universalist Association) offers us the following chart to help guide our giving. Many churches request a minimum of 10% of one’s income. We do not ask for a specific amount. Some are not able to give 10%; some are able to give far more. Consider what our community means to you, and determine your pledge accordingly.

Suggested Fair Share Contribution Guide

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1. Pledge

A pledge is a promise of what you will give for the year. Choose how you would like to sustain Piedmont UU Church’s growth. Every gift counts. Thank you!

2. Give

Piedmont UU Church has several ways that you can give your contributions for your pledge: online, text, recurring/auto-draft, check, cash. Choose the date when your recurring gifts would start.

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