Giving Guide

Giving Guide -- My Fair Share Chart

In a Nut Shell
If we take our total preliminary budget of roughly $255,000 and divide it by our 173 members, the average pledge needed is about $1,474.  Some of our members cannot afford to give that much, and others choose to give less. That means many members need to give more than the average. We ask that our members give relative to their income.


The Starting Point
Determine your current percentage (%) of giving:
2019 $ Pledge Amount  ÷   2018 Income  =  % Giving (Don’t forget to move the decimal point two places.)


Using that percent (%) number, look at the Giving Chart and see where you stand. Are you a Friend, Supporter, Sustainer or Visionary?


The Challenge
We are challenging our members to commit to becoming Sustainers of the Fellowship by pledging 5% or more, if possible, of your annual income. If that’s too big a jump up, consider a plan to gradually get there. Increase your Pledge for 2020 from the level you are now, to the next level.


But Wait…
We hear the “hue and cry”:  I don’t have enough money to increase my Pledge!
For a few of us, that is true, and we completely understand. Only you know your financial situation. But for most of us, we CAN afford to be more generous. Unitarian Universalists statistically enjoy one of the highest income levels of any faith group; yet, our giving ranks as one of the lowest. Enjoy the benefits of generosity, and invest in our unique and beneficial community!