General Assembly 2024 June 20-23

General Assembly 2024 June 20-23

This is a very important and impactful year at the 2024 Unitarian Universalist General Assembly. UU delegates from UU churches around the world will be casting an up/down vote to adopt new UUA bylaws with Shared Values and covenants as proposed in Article II. This will replace the Principles in the UUA Bylaws only. 

Suggested changes:

  • Individual UU churches will be free to continue use of the 7 Principles. However the UUA bylaws will no longer contain the Principles (Section C-2.1 Principles) which will be replaced by 6 shared Values.
  • Section C-2.2 Values and Covenant includes: Interdependence, Equity, Transformation, Pluralism, Generosity, and Justice. Section C-2.1
  • Purposes has been completely reworded. This is the UUA bylaw section that speaks to what the UUA will do and the connection(s) between the UUA and its member churches.
  • Section C-2.1 known as Sources is proposed to reword. Section C-2.3 Inspirations , Section C-2.3 Inclusion and Section C2.4 Freedom of Belief are also to be reworded.

Delegates will cast votes to either approve or not approve these changes.



 The original bylaws, adopted in 1961 when the Universalist Church and the American Unitarian Association merged, stated that Article II must be reviewed at least every 15 years. Article II established vital characteristics of the new Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and outlined the original 6 Principles that reflected its fundamental beliefs and aspirations. Over the years there have been significant changes and additions. The current study of Article II began in 2019. A call went out to ALL UU churches for suggestions individual churches wanted to see in the current UUA bylaws. Hundreds of churches responded with suggestions,or stating no changes were necessary. Which brings us to where we are today. At GA 2023 delegates voted on the proposed Article 11 revision to advance the proposed changes, with some amendments approved at the Assembly. This advanced the Article 11 proposed changes for final up or down vote to GA 2024. Two-thirds (⅔) of delegate votes are needed for approval.

As your delegates to the General Assembly 2024 we encourage all members to become informed and to give us feedback. Below are links to resources for your information. Additionally another Zoom informational session is scheduled for June 11. Check weekly announcements for more details. This informational session is a video  presented by Rev. Dr. Michael Tino, Senior Pastor of the Church of the Larger Fellowship. Spoiler alert: Rev Dr. Tino is in favor of the proposed changes to UUA bylaws. He freely admits this fact at the beginning of this video. We have chosen this video, despite its one sided slant, because it is the most thorough information we have been able to find in this format. Next Zoom session will be June 11, 7-8pm. Look for the link in future announcements.

Links to resources: 

FAQ from the UUA Article II Study Commission

Article II Study Commission website

Side by Side Comparison

UUA – use search bar to enter Article II. Lots of information pops up

Elaine D., Cosette B., Beth F.
Piedmont Unitarian Universalist Church 2024 Delegates to General Assembly
Karen D. will attend the business only sessions of GA 2024