From Your Minister of Congregational

From Your Minister of Congregational

Dear Folks (and Dear Rev. Robin),

Greetings from your minister of Congregational Care.  Fall has arrived, bringing with it cooler weather, “shorter” days and reminders of the seasons and transitions of life.

This fall also ushers in a new season for our Beloved Community as we approach Rev. Robin’s departure date in December.  As we rejoice with her in the possibilities her new journey brings, we also grieve over the loss of our lead minister.  There is certainly sadness in this ending.  May we experience and honor that sadness and grief as we need to, and then, with intention and anticipation, may we expect great things of this community in the days to come as we fashion our future with great courage.

In these final few weeks of Rev. Robin’s time with us, my hope is that she will be showered with gratitude for her years of ministry with us.

Robin’s gifts to us have been many and multifaceted— from her preaching and story-telling, her pastoral presence and leadership, to her sense of humor and her extraordinary commitment to social justice which led her to create a coalition of faith leaders (of over 80 members) where once there was none.  Robin, you’ve made such a difference to us as individuals, to our congregation as a whole, to this city, and to the entire state of North Carolina.

Rev. Robin, we love you. Thank you for six years of being our minister.  The world is such a better place because you’re in it!

We wish you and your dear family rich blessings and deep peace for the journey ahead, and we hold you in our hearts–this day and all the days to come.

With love and gratitude,

~ Rev. Mary Frances