From Your Minister of Congregational Care

From Your Minister of Congregational Care

Dear Folks,

Our theme for April is creativity.  Erich Fromm, German psychologist, sociologist, and philosopher had this to say about our topic:

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.

Having the courage to “let go of certainties” opens up all kinds of possibilities for us as humans, as seekers of good, and as spiritual beings (or scientists or cooks or musicians or artists of any sort)!

While a sense of knowing feels very comfortable, and a space of not knowing sometimes feels quite the opposite, what would it be like to sit with the not knowing?  Or to be so fully present in this moment that the past and the future really cease to exist for an instant?

Most of us like that sense of certainty, but of course, sometimes we all experience moments of realizing we were mistaken.  We were certain the Earth was flat.  We were certain that everything revolved around the Earth.  We were certain about our religion or the superiority of our recipe for vegetable soup.

Things change.  No, the Earth didn’t move, but our paradigms concerning its place in the universe shifted as our scientific knowledge expanded.  People were not then nor are they now, in general, very quick to let go of certainties.  Some people simply refused to look through Galileo’s telescope—afraid of what they might see and more concerned with maintaining their surety.

For some, it really took courage to look through the telescope. To see new things.  The courage to allow for such changes involves creative possibilities we may not have considered.  From the far away galaxies to the miracle of a dandelion at our feet, we are surrounded by creative beauty.  May we be endowed with a mighty courage to let go of our certainties, to look through telescopes, and to be comfortable in the not knowing.

Peace to you,
Mary Frances