From Your Minister of Congregational Care

From Your Minister of Congregational Care

Dear Folks,

Welcome to a brand new day!  Our theme for the month of February is embodiment.  The word embodiment conjures images of tangible representations of the intangible.  Many religions speak of avatars or incarnations of divinity in various forms—whether it be the Hindu elephant god, Ganesh (the embodiment of wisdom as well as the “remover of obstacles”), or the person of Jesus (the embodiment of the Holy in human form).

We see a version of the word “avatar” used as early as the 6th century in some religious texts, and in postmodern times, we use the word to denote the computer-generated image people create and use to represent themselves in virtual spaces.  Oddly enough, the postmodern avatar is an intangible representation of something that is altogether tangible—You.

The avatar on the computer screen can be manipulated to represent or highlight some aspect of who you are or can even represent your alter ego.  Perhaps your avatar is a young, seventeen-ish looking, FIERCE revolutionary with jet-black hair and steely eyes of resolve.  In this sense, the avatar does embody who you are.  It embodies your courage, your strength, and your resolve.

You may be surprised, at times, as you walk past mirrors that depict you differently now.  Your jet-black hair now shimmers a beautiful silver.  Your steely eyes now require bifocals.  Or for some of us, trifocals.  Your Earth suit, as a friend of mine used to call it, changes over time, but the core of who you are remains.

What treasures of kindness or compassion or brilliance or grace do you embody?

May we bring those treasures to the light, beloveds, and may our beauty shine like the sun!

Wishing you deep peace,

~ Rev. Mary Frances