From Your Minister of Congregational Care

From Your Minister of Congregational Care

Dear Folks:

Welcome to January, Beloveds.  This month we welcome a new year, a new minister, and a host of opportunities for growth as we seek to live into who we are—a community that nurtures the spirit, cherishes diversity, and cultivates justice.

Appropriately, our theme for the month of January is “change.”  What an interesting relationship we have with the concept of change!  Responses to the notion of change seem contingent upon one’s current level of satisfaction with the status quo.  This seems to hold true no matter the topic at hand.

Considering painting the walls?  Switching to a different brand of coffee?  Or perhaps you’re thinking more along the lines of changes we have no control over—like dealing with the effects of an illness or injury or loss.  Or even imagining what the year will be like as the United States inaugurates a new leader.

While one among us may be excited over a new year’s resolution to paint the living room a bold new color (or to just put on a fresh coat of the same one), there is another among us who has neither the energy nor the resources to accomplish that task.  While one rejoices over some very good news, another seeks to cope with sobering realities of life that sometimes offer up an incredibly difficult mix of pain and grief.

Whether change leaves you with “good” stress (eustress) or “bad” stress (distress), each of these takes a toll on the body and mind and spirit.  So as you navigate the uncharted waters of 2017, remember to take care of you.  Do seek ways to nurture your spirit.

Remember the simple things—drink plenty of water.  Rest.  Feed your body as well as your soul and your mind.  Breathe mindfully.  And soak up as much beauty as you possibly can.

Blessings for your journey and for the new year ahead,

Rev. Mary Frances