From Your Board of Trustees

From Your Board of Trustees

Dear Members and Friends,

The closure of a calendar year is always a time of holding reflection and prospect at the same time.  This is especially true as we wave goodbye to 2017, and look upon a new season.

Your church leadership, both professional and lay, recognizes that this past year has been a challenge in many ways.  It has led to confusion and frustration at times.  Rest assured that we understand this consternation, we have learned much from listening to our congregants, and we are preparing the groundwork for a terrific new year.  We recognize that our church has weathered storms in the past, and that each trial has made us just that more focused on our central mission.

We are excited about the potential and possibilities of the upcoming year. We have a leadership team dedicated to returning our congregation to the core vision of being a regional beacon of progressive religion.  We have a ministry team that is talented beyond our deserving.  We have a wonderful support staff, who “delivers the goods” each day.  We have a church budget grounded in financial reality and responsibility.  We have a congregation open to the many possibilities that 2018 has to offer.  But most importantly–we have a culture of aspiration that seems to always be the balm for what ails us.

For those who have persevered through this time of uncertainty, thank you for your patience.  Your determination will be rewarded many-fold.  For those in waiting, wait no longer for that sanctuary of respite and open search you have sought.  For the skeptical and curious, know the door is always open for we are a caravan riding into a bright future.  For those guiding our congregation in its many avenues of ministry, we all hold your service in honor and gratitude.  Do know that your good work is often noticed, but always appreciated.

At the individual level, resolutions are often associated with the dawning of the new year.  As a beloved family, my prayer is that our intentions, our hopes, our efforts, and our purposes align with our church’s central mission of nurturing the spirit, cherishing diversity, and cultivating justice.  With everybody’s oar in the water, rowing at the same time and in the same direction, we will reach our destination, but let us not forget to enjoy the journey along the way.

Our fiscal outlook is protected, but encouraging.  Our ministerial leadership is gifted beyond measure.  Our energy is boundless as we actively pursue a world where equality and justice is the norm.  Our leadership team is focused and aligned.  And each member is looking for that niche which overlaps his/her interest with the needs of our beloved community.

I am unapologetically optimistic about the future for our congregation, both for the short and long term.  It is hard to argue against this optimism when a solid plan, an accomplished ministry team, a passionate congregation, and a willingness to look for possibilities all come together.

On behalf of your Board of Trustees–thank you in advance for the part you choose to play within a great year for Piedmont.  Together, we look forward to connection, growth (both collectively and individually), and purposeful action.  We are humbled by the palpable potential of this community as it continues to be a gift to those inside and outside of our walls.

Faithfully yours,

Sam Treadaway

President, Board of Trustees