February Letter From the Ministers

February Letter From the Ministers

It’s February already, where have the past four months gone?

We have accomplished so much in the past four months of being your ministers and yet we still have so much we’d like to do. We have had to close our sanctuaries due to the rising Covid numbers, but our hearts remain open. While we hope to regather in person at the end of February, no matter how and where we gather we promise to stay connected.

February begins Black History Month. We celebrate, honor, and acknowledge the beauty, depth, brilliance, and contributions of black people. Because black history is American history. Our Touchstones theme for February is power. The Touchstones team writes: “In 1857, Frederick Douglass said, “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” Thus, a struggle will be required by each generation to renew, repair, and/or reclaim things like democracy, equality, liberty, freedom, and other rights that can be denied or undermined. Our tools of power include reason, non-violence, and courage to oppose hatred, violence, deceit, and more”. We’d also like to add that love is a tool of power.

In this month of love (Valentine’s Day) we will explore love in it’s different forms and how it is an unstoppable force that dreams, creates, imagines, heals, and repairs. Love is beyond romance, friendship, and parenthood, and yet it encompasses all of those relationships. Power is about relationships. We’re sorry Cupid, you’re not the owner and originator of love either, as attraction and desire aren’t the fullness of love, but your chubby cheeks are cute. Careful with those arrows!

In the transition of moving from renewal to power, we were invited to begin some really hard conversations. We as your ministers facilitated an in-depth conversation surrounding the film “Disclosure” and transgender representation in film and television. We also prompted our community to begin looking at the 8th principle and invited us all into further dialogue on accepting this principle as one of our congregational values. In the month ahead, we will continue to have these hard, yet rewarding and healing conversations.

Last month, we also asked for your suggestions on ways to stay connected during these times of uncertainty and isolation. Hopefully, we’re able to answer some of that need. In the February newsletter, you’ll find a beginning towards that, with a fun and entertaining way, we hope to welcome you into fellowship.

Peace and Blessings,

Michelle and Shakeisha