Family Choir

Family Choir

I’m so excited to be starting this new group at PUUC in February! If you’re not familiar with the concept, you may have asked yourself “What exactly IS a Family Choir?” Here are some key components of how the group will come together.

What exactly is a Family Choir?
The great thing about it is that you don’t have to be related by DNA to sing with this group! The term ‘Family’ is used here in the sense that all ages are encouraged to create a sense of family by singing together. It is NOT limited to relatives only. Essentially, it’s a multi-generational song group.

The phrase ‘All ages are welcome’ is the key
This choir is designed to give all age ranges the chance to sing together. Kids, parents, grandparents, older people, teens, millennials, moms with nursing babies, etc. can come sit and join in making music. It is my hope that all who wish to sing – from preschoolers to adult seniors – will feel like they can find a voice in this group.

How does it work?
No ongoing weekly rehearsals! Family Choir practice sessions will happen sporadically throughout the spring in groups of TWO.
· Rehearsal 1 (about 30 minutes) will happen immediately after a specified UG Sunday service.
· Rehearsal 2 (about 30 minutes) will happen immediately before the following UG Sunday service. The Family Choir will then present a song during that Sunday’s service.

Starting in February
The schedule will be posted in advance, so look for dates soon. There’s no experience or long-term commitment required; we’ll be singing simple, fun songs to allow you to feel comfortable regardless of musical ability. The goal here is to encourage a sense of contribution to the congregation, an atmosphere of fun, and a bonding experience between our varied generations.

Hope to see you there! Questions? Contact
– Kaarin Record Leach