CUUPs will honor May Day on May 4th

CUUPs will honor May Day on May 4th

From flowers to bon fires to Maypole dances, Beltane is celebrated in many ways. Beltane is honored on May 1st and is sometimes called Lady’s Day or May Day.

It is easy to see why flowers are central to a May Day celebration. At this time of year our gardens are graced with lilies, roses and a myriad of other blooming plants. One fun thing to do on May Day is secretly place a May Day basket filled with flowers on a friends or neighbors door.

Beltane is considered a “fire festival.” Celebrating with bon fires is still common among pagan folk. It is thought that our agrarian ancestors would build two bon fires near one another and march their cattle between them to bless the herds as they went to pasture.

If you have never participated in a Maypole dance I suggest you try it at least once. It is great fun weaving the ribbons around the tall pole. Maypoles may harken all the way back to the Iron Age.

Our PUUC CUUPs group will honor Beltane on Saturday May 4th in the University Gathering Sanctuary. We will start gathering at 6:30pm and begin our rite at 7pm. You are invited to bring flower and decorations for the altar if you wish. Also, you may bring drums, rattles and a snack to share.

All are welcome! We request that minors be accompanied by an adult.

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