Chalice Circle Sign-Up

Chalice Circle Sign-Up

Chalice Circle Sign-Up

Chalice Circles run from September through May and provide an opportunity for members of Piedmont UU Church to participate in a small group ministry. The structure of this small group which meets monthly offers the opportunity to engage in the spiritual practice of deep or active listening.

Please RSVP here to sign up for a Circle (we have several in various homes and one that meets at church).

The intimacy of these small groups allows for a deeper level of connection with members of Beloved Community. Our Chalice Circle topics and discussion prompts correspond with our monthly themes.

The format of the meetings is structured to include a facilitator who guides the meeting from moments of silence and contemplation to discussion, sharing, and appropriate readings or quotes. The circle opens with the lighting of a chalice and opening words and ends with the extinguishing of the chalice and closing words.

In a world that is sometimes busy or hectic, Chalice Circles offer the opportunity to set aside life’s distractions and take some time to become grounded while also making meaningful connections with others. It’s a wonderful way to deepen our spiritual practice.

Joining a Circle

Chalice circles begin in September and run through May. Circles do not meet during the summer months. There is no cost to participate in a circle.

Please contact us to get more information, or sign up here.

Why Join a Chalice Circle?

Our goal is for Chalice Circles to provide a supportive, nurturing environment that facilitates spiritual growth and mutual caring.
Small group ministry allows you to grow through self-examination and reflection, active listening, and authentic sharing from your own experiences. It also provides an opportunity to form friendships with other congregants.

Chalice Circles also provide an opportunity for service as each circle is asked to complete one service project over the course of the year. For example, in the past, groups have donated holiday meals to families in need, donated items to Water Keepers who were protecting their native lands, and donated food, clothing and hygiene items to asylum seekers.

What a Chalice Circle is and isn’t

Chalice Circles are opportunities for shared listening and shared ministry. It’s a way to be more deeply engaged with fellow church members in a safe and confidential space. As UU’s, we value the worth and dignity of all beings, and the small group ministry offers a chance to honor one another’s worth, dignity, and spiritual journeys.

A Chalice Circle is not a therapy group, a social club, or a place for debates. Groups are limited in size due to the time it takes for each member to share (and also because groups are typically hosted in homes).


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