Board of Trustees Goals for 2018

Board of Trustees Goals for 2018

Greetings Members and Friends,

As the president of your Board of Trustees, I wanted to make you aware of the goals that the Board has identified for this church year.  We established these goals at a Board retreat in January.

Enhanced Communication – Improving our communication with the congregation is a high priority for your Board.  You may have noticed that our secretary, Anne Laukaitis, has distributed our Board meeting minutes and highlights in a very prompt manner. We have also committed to holding regular town hall meetings to better establish two-way communication with our members.  Our first round of meetings is April 22nd for the University Gathering and April 29th for the Salisbury Gathering.

Annual Budget – Our current budget, which is balanced and prudent, was established based on the pledge campaign that occurred back in November of 2017.  Since then, many changes have taken place. This was anticipated back in December when the current budget was developed. The Board, assisted by the Finance Committee, will be bringing any suggestions for needed adjustments to the congregation at our earliest town hall meeting (along with the regular email announcements).  It is our hope, through prioritization and additional pledge resources, to be able to incorporate a part-time Director of Religious Education position and payment of our UUA dues into the budget amendments. If you are interested in helping to make these things happen by enhancing your financial commitment, please contact Resa Treadaway at  Your gifts can help convert these fundamental ambitions into reality.

Bylaws and Policy Manual Revision – Our church bylaws are in need of revision and updating. Becky Schisler and Lynne Godfrey, as surrogates from the Board, have graciously offered to head a talented group that has begun this process.  The draft of the bylaws revision will be shared with the congregation, and we look forward to your contributions to this important endeavor, so be looking for additional information in the future. Immediately following our bylaws revision, we will be updating our policy manual.  This will be done in concert with the teams and committees working for our church. Thanks in advance for everyone’s contributions to this process.

Lead Minister – We shared this goal with the entire congregation, obviously.  The Board committed to supporting that process in any way possible.  We are delighted to have this goal checked-off thanks to the good work of our Ministerial Search Committee, Human Resources Committee, and Finance Committee (among others).

Organizational Governance – We identified the need to better communicate and follow our governance procedures.  This will empower teams and committees as well as avoid overlap of energies. This initiative dovetails nicely with our efforts to revise the bylaws and policy manual.

Leadership Development and Mentoring – We recognize that we have not been as intentional as we need to be in the area of developing leaders for the future.  Karl Hesse, leading our Leadership Development Committee, has begun work to remedy this situation. We look forward to rolling out a plan that helps mentor and develop effective church leaders going forward.

Human Resources Committee – This committee has been dormant for several years, and both our members and staff need this group desperately.  Glen McLaughlin has agreed to chair this important committee.

Covenant – Based on a request from the Healthy Congregations Team in 2017, the Board echoed the need for a congregational covenant.  Reverend Mary Frances is shepherding a team to bring ideas and drafts to our members. We look forward to, collectively, establishing a congregational covenant that reflects our core values.

As you can see, we have established lofty goals indeed.  But we are hard at work at converting these aspirations into reality.  Please know that these “Board goals” are reflective of what we hear from our membership, and are totally dependent on the good work of members and friends like you.  We simply use these objectives as reminders to keep us on track.

Mark your calendar for April 22nd (University) and April 29th (Salisbury) for our next round of town hall meetings.  We hope to update you on these goals and hear from you first-hand during these sessions.  In the meantime, feel free to reach out anytime at Together, we will continue to ensure that Piedmont is a beacon on the hill—a place and a people that nurtures the spirit, cherishes diversity, and cultivates justice.

Be well,

Sam Treadaway

President, Board of Trustees