Board of Trustees Carries Out Successful Leadership Retreat

Board of Trustees Carries Out Successful Leadership Retreat

The Board of Trustees held a leadership retreat at the church on Saturday, April 1, 2017. President Lee Carnes led the meeting and welcomed and thanked everyone for coming. 34 members from the University Gathering, Salisbury Gathering and the Lake Norman UU Fellowship attended.

Salisbury Gathering
Beth Foreman described the Salisbury Gathering. The congregation was formed about 4 ½ years ago and is located in Salisbury, Rowan County, a largely rural and economically disadvantaged county. The congregation rents space from a synagogue and some additional space from a Presbyterian church next door for children’s religious education. The location is very good, close to the Veteran’s Hospital. Membership growth has been slow and is currently at 29 members.  The congregation is committed to being a beacon of tolerance and diversity in a conservative city.

Lake Norman UU Fellowship
Rev. Amy Brooks described the Lake Norman UU Fellowship, which began in 2009. The founding group wanted a place for children to receive a more progressive religious education. Membership grew to thirty members, at which point they were eligible to register with the UUA. In 2011 the fellowship hired Rev. Amy Brooks as a part time consulting minister.

Finance Committee
Lisa Dickinson presented information on church finances and recent trends.

The 2017 church budget of $343,303 is broken out over 6 categories of expense. 65% of PUUC budget is payroll – $222,348. This is down from 67% in 2016 and up from 53% in 2010.
– The church has an unhealthy pledge distribution with 25% of pledge units providing 65% of income for 117 pledge units.  Number of pledge units was down from 184 last year.
– ½ of all pledges are well below the average pledge.
– 24 units pledging over $3000 make up ½ of the total budget.
– Piedmont UU Church’s budget has risen dramatically over 6 years while the number of pledge units has not.
– There is a widening gap between pledges and expenses which is not healthy
– The average expense per pledge unit has increased over time.

Deb Davelka, Piedmont UU Administrator
Piedmont UU Administrator Deb Davelka reviewed ACS Realm, the church website, bylaws, and the policy manual. She explained that understanding these will be very useful to church leaders. She also provided a handout Welcome to Leadership at Piedmont UU Church.

Communication’s Team Leader Meredith Norman provided a printed Communications Chart and reviewed it with members. This included information on how to best utilize various sources to maximize communications.  Sources include: the church website, email announcements, order of service information, spoken announcements, monthly newsletter, bulletin boards, Facebook and blog.

Piedmont UU Committees and Teams
Jeff Jennings provided information about the church’s endowment and Pam Whistler shared information and a handout about the June yard sale, a major annual fundraiser.

Team Leaders from the Care Team (Michelle Murphy); Social Justice (Bill Crowley); Membership (Lynne Godfrey); Worship (Ilene McFarland for Lucy Neel); Safe Congregation and CYRE (Jolena James-Szanton); shared information about the work of their teams.

For further information and/or copies of handouts, contact Anne Laukaitis, Secretary, Board of Trustees, at